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Where Are the Worst Spots to Install a Thermostat in Morrisville, NC?

February 24, 2023

Although the location of your thermostat may seem random, it matters a lot. The effectiveness and efficiency of your HVAC system heavily depend on this position. Below are the worst spots to install the thermostat for your home in Morrisville, NC.

Above or Below Air Vents

You will have incorrect readings, also known as ghost readings, when you install the thermostat around or near the air vents. This is because the air from the vent hits it directly. Furthermore, this area will heat and cool before the rest of the house does.

If the heater is on, the thermostat thinks that it’s warmer than it really is. When the AC is on, it may turn off before all rooms in your home are cool enough.

In Direct Sunlight

When you position the thermostat in areas that receive direct sunlight, it detects a higher temperature than it is. As a result, the AC runs for an extended period, increasing utility bills.

In addition, the UV light might damage the plastic components of the control device. The casing might also become cloudy and hard to see through.

Kitchen Area

Your kitchen is among the warmest rooms in the entire home. With all the cooking, the temperature fluctuates easily, which isn’t good for the thermostat. It makes it hard for the device to read the temperatures accurately and adjust the air conditioning accordingly.

Areas With Extra Cooling

Some parts of your house are cooler than others, such as the basement and attic, that have poor insulation or cracked air ducts. Keeping the thermostat away from cool areas would be best to prevent the heat from running longer than needed.

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