Air Purifier Helps with IAQ

4 Reasons You Need To Invest in IAQ Solutions in Durham, NC

February 28, 2024

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can have multiple negative effects on your Durham, NC family. Therefore, it is vital to explore solutions that keep your indoor air clean. Below, we will discuss some benefits of improving your home’s IAQ.

1. More Indoor Comfort

Contaminants often present in your indoor air include pet dander, dust, pollen, and debris. When your home’s occupants breathe in contaminated air, it can lead to symptoms such as watery eyes, sneezing, throat irritations, nasal congestion and headaches.

2. Better Sleep

Adequate sleep improves memory, boosts immunity, relieves stress and offers many other benefits. Issues associated with poor indoor air quality, such as throat irritation and nasal congestion, can interrupt your sleep. Eliminating these pollutants should allow you to enjoy some quality sleep every night.

3. Improved System Efficiency

When there are too many impurities in your indoor air, they clog the air filter quickly. Since a clogged filter doesn’t allow sufficient air to enter the system, the system works harder than usual to draw in more air. Also, the contaminants may accumulate on the indoor coil, making it freeze, which makes your HVAC system less efficient.

4. Elimination of Odors

Although you may decide to open windows to allow air from outside to enter and dilute odors in your home, during times of extreme temperatures or high pollution levels outside, that might not be feasible. Investing in a ventilator can help eliminate the stale indoor air and bring in fresh and filtered air from outside without having to open the windows.

With multiple indoor air quality solutions available on the market, you can never run out of options to clean your indoor air. Contact Lee Air Conditioning whenever you need professional indoor air quality and heating services. Our team will work hard to find a tailor-made solution for your home.

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