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3 Costly Mistakes With Your Heat Pump in Durham, NC

September 27, 2023

One of the chief attractions that a heat pump holds for homeowners is their superior energy efficiency relative to standard HVAC systems. However, certain bad habits or careless behaviors can easily end up depriving your Durham, NC home of this benefit.

1. Constantly Fiddling With the Temperature

Many people, unfortunately, believe the myth that the higher or the lower you crank up or crank down your thermostat, the faster and the more powerfully your indoor comfort system will react to alter the temperature. This is untrue. All indoor comfort systems, including heat pumps, deposit a set volume of either warm or cold air into your home upon activation, regardless of where you set your thermostat.

In fact, unnecessary fiddling with the temperature can raise your energy bills. Setting your thermostat very high or very low will only force your heat pump to cool or heat your home more than you want it to, thus costing you more for energy.

2. Not Replacing Air Filters

Over time, your heat pump’s air filters will accumulate debris from the air that constantly passes through them. Industry professionals therefore recommend replacing air filters at least once every 90 days.

Failure to do so will both reduce overall indoor air quality and make it more difficult for air to flow normally through your heat pump since the gathered debris on the filters will hinder airflow. This results in less efficient overall heat pump functioning, which leads to higher energy bills. Happily, you can easily take care of this issue if you simply remember to change the filter and schedule regular heat pump maintenance.

3. Not Stopping Drafts

The purpose of a heat pump is to provide your home with higher or lower temperatures than whatever they happen to be outside. Ensuring that you close your windows tightly will help keep your indoor air temperatures stable. If you neglect to shut your windows or close up leaks or holes around them, it will be harder for your system to maintain a desirable temperature; again, the result will be higher energy usage.

With simple vigilance, you can avoid a few bad habits that keep your heat pump efficiency suboptimal. Call Lee Air Conditioning to request our heat pump services, so we can help you get the most out of your system.

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