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Should I Buy My Furnace at a Big Box Store in Apex, NC?

November 18, 2022

After your furnace breaks, you may just want to head out to a big one-stop store in town for a replacement. These stores carry a variety of building materials and home appliances. However, it’s always safer and more efficient to count on trained professionals to handle your HVAC needs in Apex, NC. Here’s why.

Better for Small DIY Projects

Big box retailers don’t stock the best products. They often buy outdated HVAC systems in bulk at a discounted price. These products may not come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

The best systems you can buy from these retailers are those good for DIY projects like ceiling fans, window AC units, or washers and dryers. Dealers authorize the best HVAC companies to carry top-of-the-line heating and cooling products.

Expert Advice or Recommendations

When big box stores offer installation services, they use subcontractors. These are essentially professionals put in charge of every appliance installation and service call. They don’t always have any extensive expertise or certification or training in installing furnaces.

While they may be able to install the heating system, it could easily malfunction because of their inexperience. The best installation results come from relying on tried-and-true technicians.

Personalized Services

A big box retailer will try to sell you the most expensive model available without consulting your needs or budget. Experienced technicians work with you to find the best furnace size and brand for your comfort.

You should never invest in a furnace without knowing its energy efficiency and overall pros and cons. HVAC companies like Lee Air Conditioning strive to guarantee your long-term satisfaction and comfort.

Don’t let a big box store impact your indoor comfort this winter. Count on us at Lee Air Conditioning for superior furnace installation services in Apex, NC.

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