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Help! My AC Is Heating My Roxboro, NC Home

August 21, 2023

An air conditioner that doesn’t cool your house is frustrating, to say the least. The system consumes energy without delivering the comfort you need. Below, we’ll discuss why an AC system blows hot air in Roxboro, NC.

Low Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant absorbs heat at the indoor coil and relays it to the outdoor coil. The outdoor coil disposes of the heat to the environment.

If the refrigerant leaks it cannot move as much heat as it should. As a result, your air conditioner loses the ability to cool your house.

Refrigerant leaks harm the environment and human health. Therefore, it is essential to address the issue as early as possible. To tell whether your refrigerant is leaking, look out for hissing and gurgling noises.

A Clogged Air Filter

An air filter helps to keep your indoor air clean by catching contaminants in the air. Over time, the contaminants build up on the filter; hence, the clogged filter can no longer allow air to pass through.

Your air conditioner can only cool the air that comes into it from your living space. If it does not draw sufficient air, your house will remain warm. Consider replacing your air filter at least every three months.

A Dirty Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit releases the heat absorbed inside your home to the outside. Dirt and debris may contaminate this component, interfering with its ability to dispose of heat. Consider scheduling regular maintenance services to keep your AC’s components clean.

Wrong Thermostat Settings

Sometimes, the issue denying you the comfort you need is not that serious. You may have forgotten to switch your thermostat from heating to cooling when the hot season begins. You may also set the fan to “ON” instead of “AUTO.”

The “ON” setting makes the fan distribute air even when the air conditioner is not cooling your house. As a result, the fan distributes warm air. Always double-check your thermostat to confirm you are using the correct settings.

Call Lee Air Conditioning for professional air conditioning services. We enjoy keeping our clients comfortable.

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