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Does My Heat Pump Have a Bad Compressor in Durham, NC?

March 27, 2023

Heat pump compressors are vital to the system’s ability to produce all of your home’s heating and cooling. This component helps keep the refrigerant flowing and increases internal pressure when necessary to turn it from a liquid into a gas. You may have a bad compressor if you’re experiencing any of the following heat pump issues in Durham, NC.

Loud Functioning Sounds

A bad compressor can be the cause behind odd noises like screeching, clattering or growling. The outdoor condenser unit may even loudly vibrate or rattle. The moment you notice odd sounds coming from your HVAC system, turn it off, and call for maintenance to minimize the damage.

Struggling to Start

Without a functioning compressor, your heat pump could struggle to start and stay on. You may hear it turn on only to suddenly shut down without producing any hot or cold air. It’s also possible it won’t respond to your thermostat at all, leaving your home without any heating or cooling.

Less Airflow

Heat pumps struggling with bad compressors will often experience a decrease in their overall airflow. It may sound like it’s running normally, but your home won’t be as comfortable. A bad compressor can even cause it to rack up your bills by continuously pumping out cold air.

Circuit Breaker Issues

Circuit breakers trip to protect your home from a potential electrical fire. When your heat pump frequently trips the power, the compressor may have a faulty capacitor. It could also mean the compressor’s internal wiring is too close to the metal casing.

A malfunctioning heat pump compressor can trip your circuit breaker, cause loud noises and impact your indoor comfort. Never ignore any changes in your airflow or functioning sounds that could point to a serious mechanical or electrical issue. Call Lee Air Conditioning to schedule your heat pump service appointment in Durham, NC.

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