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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Spring HVAC Maintenance

March 28, 2022

Spring has finally arrived in Durham, North Carolina, which means hot and humid weather can’t be far behind. It’s time to make sure your AC system is ready for summer with a pre-season HVAC maintenance from the pros at Lee Air Conditioning.

Lower Your Cooling Costs

Approximately 43 percent of household utility bills in the Triangle region go towards heating and air conditioning. Our HVAC maintenance services optimize efficiency, minimizing the amount of energy it takes to keep everyone comfortable. Reducing energy waste is good for the planet, and it’s great for your budget too. You’ll keep more money in your pocket for the activities you love to share with your family.

Safeguard Your Comfort

Durham experiences an average of 38 days each summer when the temperatures soar into the 90s. That kind of oppressive heat takes a toll on your AC system. Without proactive maintenance, your cooling system can break down when you most need relief from the heat. Spring HVAC maintenance allows our skilled professionals to identify potential problems and repair them before they lead to a total meltdown.

Protect Your Investment

Your AC system will last longer with regular spring tune-ups from a qualified service technician. The cleanings, adjustments and calibrations performed during annual HVAC maintenance help counter the effects of normal wear and tear. Dirt and neglect primary causes of cooling system failure. Without routine checkups, you may have to find the funds to pay for an early replacement. That’s an expense you can avoid by scheduling a service call with Lee Air Conditioning today.

Since 1951, Lee Air Conditioning has provided quality heating and cooling services throughout the greater Durham area. We make it easy and affordable to ensure your HVAC systems keep you comfortable. For AC and heat pump maintenance you can count on to keep you comfortable, call us today.

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